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Since the time I left my hometown of Duluth, Minnesota to join the Navy, serving my country and community has been my life's work. As your State Senator I will continue to set an example as a leader who serves selflessly for the good of all Minnesotans.

My first job in the Navy was operating nuclear reactors aboard the USS Nimitz. I served in the Navy’s most challenging career field, leading sailors from diverse backgrounds to operate and maintain highly complex systems on the largest class of warships in the world. Despite our differences, we worked together to keep the Nimitz operational and defend American interests around the world. I will bring the same mentality of teamwork and cooperation with me to the State Senate. Let’s work together for Minnesotans.

I met my future wife Dora in the Navy, and after a combined 17 years of service, we left active duty to start a family in Rogers, MN. While Dora continued her career in nuclear power at a civilian nuclear plant, I continued my service part-time in the cyber security field of the Navy Reserves. My first mission outside of the Navy has been my most challenging: raising our two beautiful children. Despite the challenges, supporting my wife’s career and raising two young boys has been the most rewarding part of my life. I would like to continue in that spirit of support and service as your Senator.

Move Minnesota Forward

I learned in the military that an imperfect decision is better than no decision at all. Too much is on the line for our elected officials to not debate, not compromise and not move forward for Minnesota. My main priority is bringing an end to all or nothing politics by working together with those who haven’t forgotten they are here to serve Minnesota.  


I see education as an investment. One that has the highest rate of returns available. Every dollar spent on education is paid back with interest. Interest paid in the form of a highly skilled workforce, stronger economy, less poverty and lower crime. 

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High quality healthcare shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing and so are the industries profits. It is time we step in to put Minnesotan's financial and physical wellbeing first! 

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